Exeter Phoenix

Gethin Wyn Jones will be showing new work at the Exeter Phoenix. Wyn Jones has modified an old computer game to strip back its visuals and to create a geometric landscape. The landscapes are made out of flat colours, which are separated by a grid that creates an orthographic projection that are screen printed onto stainless steel. The work will be shown between March the 29th to 25th of April.

Bydd gwaith newydd Gethin Wyn Jones yn cael ei arddangos yng Nghanolfan Exeter Phoenix rhwng 29 Mawrth a 25 Ebrill. Mae Wyn Jones wedi addasu gem gyfrifiadur hen i greu tirlun geometrig. Mae’r gwaith yn dirweddau geometrig sydd wedi cael eu argraffu sgrin ar fetel.

Exeter Phoenix, Bradninch Place, Gandy Street, Exeter EX4 3LS




Screen print on stainless steel with walnut frame. 33 x 21 cm – 2011