You're a Mystery to Me

The Royal Institute of Art Spring Exhibition, Tomteboda, Stockholm, 2017

This year, the graduating classes in Fine Art are exhibiting together in one show with a focus on the interplay between artworks and practices.

Producers: Alida Ivanov (MA), Olivia Berkowicz (BA).

Welcome to the opening for MA + BA final show 2017, at Tomteboda Post-Terminal May 23 at 17.00.

Opening: May 23, 17-21.
Opening speech at 18:00 by Sara Arrhenius, Vice Chancellor, Royal Institute of Art. An introduction to the Final Show by the producers Alida Ivanov, Olivia Berkowicz and the professors Petra Bauer, Sophie Tottie, Thomas Elovsson and lecturer Robert Brečević.